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Medical solution is a full service imagining equipment sales and Service Company, which provides best of both worlds to its customers. With the excellence of past 10 years, Medical solution supplies a wide range of equipment with 3000 pieces of equipment’s sold per year. Even so Medical Solution has grown to become the largest medical auction house in the world, with warehouses in Lahore. Equipment sold by auction are magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, computed tomography (CT) machines, radiographic fluoroscopy systems, bone densitometers, linear accelerators and many more. Medical Solution also provides complete medical surplus management for healthcare facilities including certified appraisals, trade-in value verification, asset and facility inventories, relocations and closures.


You can meet the needs of OT’s, PT’s and RN’s in both urban and rural areas. It allows easy access to a complete online AADL equipment catalog where you can view and order for your clients faster than ever with next day delivery.


We are committed to providing a caring culture in which the highest priority is given to customer service. You can contact us for services or information via the Web, e-mail, mail, fax or by phone. We are here to help…


Advance technologies serves the vision research community by developing innovative hardware and software tools for vision scientists and creating solutions in the fields of psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and FMRI.

Meet our specialist Team
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Rana Ejaz, CEO

Rana Ejaz Medical Equipment Maintenance Engineer,Hospital Maintenance and managed the whole array of sales and marketing  CEO at Medical Sloution

Medical Equipment Maintenance Engineer,
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Kashif Nawab, CEO

Kashif Nawab Medical Equipment Maintenance Engineer,Hospital Maintenance CEO at Medical Sloution

Medical Equipment Maintenance Engineer,
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Rana Hasan, CEO

Rana Hasan Amplified business revenue, managed the whole array of purchase,Cultivated new business partnerships.

Sales & Marketing